Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp.
A specialty financial REIT managing a diversified mortgage-market investment portfolio with an emphasis on undervalued assets.

Significant Manager Experience.
Actively investing in Agency RMBS since 1971.

Extensive Strategic Relationships.
Long-term relationships with primary dealers, leading investment banks, brokerage firms and more.

Disciplined Investment Approach.
Our manager's rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis provides a strong competitive advantage across market conditions.

Access to Sophisticated Analytical Tools and Infrastructure.
Manager has robust analytical and portfolio management modeling tools and processes.

Our Investment Manager, Western Asset Management Co.
The corporation is externally managed by Western Asset Management Company, a global leader in diversified fixed-income management since 1971. As of December 31, 2016 the Firm had approximately $426 billion in assets under management. This number included $57 billion in total mortgage exposure, of which $26.7 billion was invested in Agency RMBS, $11.4 billion in non-agency RMBS, $8.7 billion in CMBS, and $6.2 billion in ABS.